counting down the days with @vongankzalot 

#travel #anniversary

counting down the days with @vongankzalot

#travel #anniversary



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3 days without net, kaya paint na lang muna. buti bumalik na ng 2pm.

#art #paint #prang #flowers

3 days without net, kaya paint na lang muna. buti bumalik na ng 2pm.

#art #paint #prang #flowers

Harry Potter

  • While busy answering the Harry Potter spells and characters quizzes...
  • Deng: Ate ano yan?
  • Me: HP quiz
  • Deng: Anong makukuha mo diyan pag natapos? May prize ba?
  • Me: Wala.
  • Deng: Ah alam ko na. Mataas na respeto. BWAHAHAHAHA
  • Me: Matulog ka na nga! Buset!

Winner by Unanimous Decision, MOMMY DIONISIA!

No doubt he’ll get that belt again. And he did! 

Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao reclaims his WBO title after defeating Timothy Bradley with a unanimous decision. Finally a clean sweep after his ‘loss’ with Bradley on their first match.

Unfortunately, again for the nth time, I wasn’t able to watch the fight because I have work on Sundays. Yeah. I just relied on twitter (because there’s also a live-streaming on Twitter as everyone kept on tweeting one blow after another, hehehe) and the guards on the lobby. 

And while scouring the social networks for videos, photos and the like, I stumbled upon When in Manila page where a video of Mommy D (Aling Dionisia) was posted. I already got an idea that it will be hilarious. But not until I’ve watched it! I was laughing all by myself as I watch the video.

So what is she doing? We all know that she’s religious. She always held prayer meetings whenever her son Pacman is on the ring. We don’t have any violent reactions or objections on that, although there were instances that she seems overreacting. No wonder comedians/comediennes always impersonate her.

But what was shown earlier was a more hilarious one. I know she was just praying. But when you look at her intently, she’s like chanting a curse over Bradley. The camera was on her so you can see her pointing her fingers while murmuring and holding the rosary! The commentators were even confused if what she was doing was witchcraft. It’s quite disturbing and yet very funny. Now, memes of her are currently spreading over the worldwide web. Hahahaha!

Oh well! At least her son has proven again how great Filipinos are. 

Congratulations again Manny Pacquiao! Hoping that the most awaited fight with Mayweather will push-through.


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